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At Omni Homes International, your trusted real estate team for VA short sale services and VA foreclosure services, we understand that it’s not easy for veterans trying to stay afloat after their military service. That’s why we are here to support you in whatever your real estate needs may be. We specialize in VA short sale services and VA foreclosure services for veterans in Arizona and California, so contact us today to get the help you need.

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Short Sales


What Is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a real estate transaction for the sale of a home when the amount of the loan on the property is greater than the sale price of the home. In these cases, the lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the loan. This is a great way to avoid foreclosure, as it allows the borrower another option for dealing with their debt. The borrower must be able to demonstrate that they are unable to make their mortgage payments and have a legitimate hardship that has caused them to fall into the situation. Short sales must be approved by the lender, who is often willing to take less money if it means they can avoid the foreclosure process.

When it comes to VA short sale services, we understand the importance of a quick sale and closing. We will work with you to find a qualified buyer and get their offer accepted in the shortest time possible. We also will work with the VA to ensure all paperwork and documents are properly organized and the short sale is completed in a timely fashion.




What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process of a lender or bank after a homeowner fails to make payments on their mortgage, attempting to reclaim the collateral (the home) through a forced sale. The process begins when the homeowner officially defaults on the loan by failing to make payments. The lender then issues a foreclosure notice and holds a sale of the home, usually at a public auction, with the highest bidder buying the home. If there are no qualified buyers, the bank may purchase the home and become a landlord.

For VA foreclosure services, we strive to help you avoid foreclosure if possible and work with lenders to review options for home modification or other alternatives. Our team will also go the extra mile to explore any other options that may be available to you.



How We Can Help

At Omni Homes International, we understand how foreclosure or the inability to pay for your home can be stressful and we do our best to help veterans and their families get out of these situations. Our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of VA short sale services and VA foreclosure services to make sure you get the best deal possible. No matter the situation, we’d love to provide the help you deserve.


Our Team of VA-Certified Realtors

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in real estate and VA mortgage services. We also have extensive experience with additional services for veterans such as home modification and FHA loans. We make it our goal to keep military families informed about their options so that they can make the best decision for their situation.


What to Expect

At Omni Homes International, we value our relationship with our clients and always strive to do our best to help veterans in their time of need. We are dedicated to providing the best services available and ensuring that our clients have the support they need throughout the entire process.


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If you’re a veteran in Arizona and California and need help with VA short sale services or VA foreclosure services, then contact the team at Omni Homes International today! We look forward to helping you get the solutions you need.

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